"Hole in my Pocket create work with a lopsided and utterly uncynical charm that makes delighted children out of the most serious of grown-ups." The List

Hole in my Pocket is the practise name of architect and artist Allistair J Burt. As Hole in my Pocket Allistair has worked on a vast range of projects from major exhibitions, illustration, short films, storytelling machines and travelling around Scotland with an air-hostess trolley. In the last couple of years he has started to develop products for retail featuring his illustrations and sense of humour.

Everything on the site is designed and created by Allistair and the full range includes cards, stationery and kitchenware. The main brands feature the characters from his illustrated works ''A Life On the Ocean Waves'', ''Lucky Pine Sawmill'' and ''I Should Never Have Joined the Army''.

To find out more about Hole in my Pocket projects, installations and exhibition work then visit the main site at - www.holeinmypocket.com

 Press: If you have any questions, require an interview or would like access to hi-res lifestlye & cut-out images
then please send us an email to info@holeinmypocket.com